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The smaller, economical, reliable, ideal Binding PUR / Hot-Melt Big performance in a small size. The ideal Binder for those who want to get the result of a large Binder with minimal expense.

The “patented” system of glue fusion NPS (PUR System) with sealed circuit, odourless and without fumes emissions, integrated with the “patented” system NCS (Cleaning System).

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Milling ToolPatented Glue NozzlesPress Unit

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Allows for quick cleaning without waste of materials, of entire glue applicator unit and makes it easy to use and economical in consumption.

MICRA is the evolution of a binding machine designed in 1992, built in more than 1500 unit and sold worldwide in the Hot-Melt version.

Semi-automatic Clamp
This model has excelled for its reliability for its ease of use and high quality of the bound product, equipped with semiautomatic clamp closure that requires no aid of compressed air.

Milling Tool
For a perfect and professional preparation of the book spine to be bonded, the machine has a milling tool integrated with fibers opening tools specially made for low emission of residual dust.

Patented Glue Nozzles
The super-tested coating device usable both for PUR glue and/or for hot-melt, is equipped with vertical extruder, for a perfect coating also on the side of the block, which are individually excludable.
The glue cut-off is very accurate, both for back and laterals.

Press Unit
The nipping station for application of covers is manually operated or electrical as optional, and self-adjusting from the minimum to the maximum thickness.
The cover feeding is done manually on the standard version but is also available a cover positioning device.

In the past, the previous version of Hot-Melt and even now in version PUR, MICRA was and is still the subject of various attempts at copying.
The high quality of bound products, the extreme simplicity of use and low operating costs make the MICRA binding machine ideal for anyone who wants to bind books, Photo-albums or Photo-books, in house.
The very modest price makes MICRA the most economic and the most complete in the world market at present and allows the recovery of the purchase in a short time also with limited quantities of production.
How to get correct bonding by PUR Glue and the strongest Pull test on your book?
First, in order to get the best result about the resistance of your books or photo albums you have to do a proper preparation of the surface to be bonded.
Second, the PUR Glue on the book spine must be applied very properly, like a film and the side glue must be PUR.
All this you can get with MICRA PUR.


  • Closed and integrated PUR system with nozzle for maximum safety
  • Waste of glue reduced to minimum
  • Simple cleaning of glue injectors
  • Extremely flexible size changes
  • Possibility to use all brands of PUR available on the market


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