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HEADBANDER is a machine which allows the automatic cutting and gluing of headbands to the head and tail of a book block, utilizing double adhesive tape.
This equipment has a fundamental importance in the production process of hard cover books: agendas, photo books, fine and art books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.

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Two fast and simple adjustments (block thickness and spine length) allow the operator to start a new job in few seconds. After the book is placed in the clamp, by means of a start button the two headbands are cut to size, glued and positioned in perfect register to the block.
The use of double-adhesive tape allows the utilization of standard headband material. The infeed guide allows working with book blocks having square or rounded shape without any adjustment.
The machine doesn’t require cleaning at the end of the job. The cost is very interesting and saves space on the plant. There is no danger for the operator hho works in maximum security.


  • Allows ideal book block ready for casing-in
  • Suitable for all perfect binder models


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