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The EXPLORE NG is a perfect binder adopting the most sophisticated technologies for the use of PUR and HOT MELT for the production of:

  • Perfect bound soft cover books
  • Sewn books with soft cover
  • Book blocks with endpapers and lining for hard cover binding

By the operator panel in automatic mode, the machine allows to changeover automatically.
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Just in few seconds and the system closed and integrated application of glue (NPS, PUR System, patented) makes the simultaneous bonding of the back and of the sides.
The small quantity of glue in the tank (2 kg) allows a short start-up (approx 13 minutes for glue heating) and limited energy consumption. As an indication, the capacity of the tank allows uninterrupted production of approximately 900 books of 10mm thickness.
Book covers are fed automatically from the cover feeder placed at 90° on the rear side of the machine and through the creaser. Knife scoring system allows unlimited scoring for spine, side and for covers of books with flaps.
The sizes of the cover and book block (head-to-tail) must be entered by the operator, or they can be transferred automatically from the measuring table (optional). It is possible to control the start and stop of the glue application with micrometric adjustments. Side-gluing can be selected between 0 – 4 or 8 mm by means of a 3-way nozzle. An air pressure control unit allows the operator to increase or reduce the quantity of glue and optimize consumption. After a few minutes of machine standstill, the glue nozzles close automatically, to avoid spoilage of glue due to air exposure.
The milling/notching unit allows adequate spine preparation for any type of paper and thickness. Special knives mounted on the milling wheel are interchangeable and usable on three sides for long-lasting operation. A mechanical adjustment allows the operator to change the level of feeding of the book block so that milling area can vary between 0 and 4 mm. In the case of sewn books, the milling station can be tilted away.
After milling/notching the book block is transported by the clamp in the register position with the cover. In this station the spine and side glued areas are pressed. Depending on type and thickness of the cover, dwell time can be graduated between 0 and 20 seconds. Upon completing the cycle, the clamp opens automatically and the book is gently delivered onto a sliding chute and exit belt.
Optionally, the delivery can be equipped with an automatic book stacker with accumulator.
Book blocks for hard cover casing-in (optional)
With the EXPLORE NG it is possible to apply automatically in one single pass two endpapers and the lining material to a book block, for hard cover book binding. The endpapers are pre-gathered with the book and before starting the movement of the clamp are lifted upwards.
The side gluing nozzles apply glue on the two sides with a double line so that both the book block and the outside faces of the endpapers will be glued simultaneously. Once registered with the spine, the endpapers are glued to the book and ready for the application of the lining strip which has been positioned by hand and with the help of special guides on to the cover feeding station
The standard machine can work with PUR glue. When both systems are required for frequent job (glue) changes, an additional unit (hot melt tank + cleaner) can be installed as option.


  • Closed and integrated PUR system with nozzles for maximum safety
  • Waste of glue reduced to minimum
  • Simple cleaning of glue injectors
  • Extremely flexible size changes
  • Possibility to use all brands of PUR and EVA available on the market


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